zaterdag 2 februari 2013

How I Kured My Dizlexya (blog)

By Spike Mallard

Inn dis artikel I em goin two eksplayn howe I kured my dilsexya, so dead u kan kure yores, too.

At thirst, I fought mye dizleyxia koultnt be kured. Butt den I wenned too churtch, wear dey tolt me ded fo God, noffing is impossebel. So I prayt a lot, bud it dint help ded much.

So I met Jak Coupher in a barr. He tolled me two kik meselve in da head offen. Bud id waz diffeculd and dint help eather.

Than I med Lucy on da streat. She sed I can kure you fo onli 50 bucks. She took mea two her haus, and Holy Cows, shea kured me!

Koncluding, wif a liddle pursevearens and luk, u kan proberbly kure yor dislsexya, too. 

Good luck!

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